A Weather Channel reporter didn’t forget he was a proud American during his coverage of Hurricane Harvey.

Paul Goodloe was reporting near Houston on Saturday when he stood near a tree for his report.

“I don’t know how strong the winds have to be to cut a palm tree in half, but that’s what happened to the top of this tree,” he said.

“But next to it, we’ve got Old Glory and I just, I can’t let Old Glory just sit here like that. The school, yeah, it’s battered, so is the flag, but we’ve got to fold this up,” he said, holding a microphone in one hand as the strong winds blew the flag.

“Make sure this isn’t a casualty to Hurricane Harvey,” he continued.

Goodloe then handed off his microphone before he and a cameraman properly folded the flag.

After retrieving his microphone from the ground, Goodloe said, “Not the perfect fold, but definitely a rescue from Hurricane Harvey.”

The reporter surveyed the scene of devastation with the flag tucked under his arm.