A research report released on Friday alleges significant liberal bias, special treatment of certain far-left leaning sites and even outright blacklisting of widely respected conservative domains by search engine giant Google.

Mathematician and DefyCCC editor, Leo Goldstein, published the report and its findings on Friday, September 8. Some of the many things the report alleges:

• With 95% certainty, Google’s search functionality “is found to be heavily biased in favor of left/liberal domains,” and “against conservative domains.”
• The percentage of “Hard Left” vs. “Hard Right” websites referred to by Google Search is highly disproportionate.
• There appears to be evidence that “hard-left” domains have been “hand-picked” for prominent placement.

In particular, Google seems to have a particular penchant for promoting any website or domain preaching climate alarm-ism. Conversely, those sites found to be promoting climate realism or skepticism have been all but entirely blacklisted.

This is hardly the first time the company has been accused of unfair treatment by conservatives. In August, a former Google engineer alleged that he was fired over his conservative views after penning a missive disagreeing with a push for “diversity” within the company.

The employee’s 10-page memo, obtained by Gizmodo, can be read here.

Google claimed in April to have implemented new algorithms into its search feature in order to filter out “misleading information.”

The search engine company added that they would have real-life “evaluators” on staff to analyze and Google’s search results.

The evaluators will be given certain guidelines to follow in order to “appropriately flag” content that could be deemed “misleading, offensive or a hoax”.

Exactly what constitutes offensive content to Google, its parent company Alphabet, Inc. or any of its newly hired “evaluators” remains unclear.