Hillary Clinton never misses an opportunity to bash Bernie Sanders in her new campaign to explain the myriad of reasons she lost last year’s election, and political talk show host Charlie Rose teed up a heck of a softball for her on Monday.

Rose’s long, winding lead in:

“How much damage did Bernie Sanders do, a: because of incessant attacks on you for Goldman Sachs speeches, attacks on your for being a corporate (inaudible), all of that – almost defined you – tried to, during the primaries,” he said.

“And yet, at the same time, when the general election came, he was not there in a way you wanted him there. And not the way you said you were there for Obama.”

“I think that’s undeniable,” Clinton said.

Rose interjected.

“Did you confront him and say it ‘I need you. Look, this is either me or Donald Trump and where are you it’s time to stand up and get moving?’” he questioned.

Clinton took the cue and ran with it.

“Yes, but a lot of the people who supported him, um, never came around,” she said. “I worked really hard, not just to endorse then Senator Obama, but to convince my supporters.

“I was still arguing with my supporters at the convention in Denver to make sure they got out and voted for then Senator Obama,” Clinton continued, repeating claims she’s made in her recent rounds on talks shows to discuss her new book about her failed presidential bid, “What Happened.”

“So I know the difference between, you know, half …,” Clinton said as Rose cut her off.

“Why do you think he did it, or didn’t do it?” Rose said, referring to Sanders’ alleged feet-dragging to endorse Clinton following her primary win.

“You’d have to ask him,” Clinton shot back, before taking aim at Sanders supporters the Democratic Party is scrambling desperately to recruit.

“But here’s what I want to say about this,” Clinton said. “… Democrats rejected him. I beat him by nearly 4 million votes.”

The pot shot comes two weeks after Clinton’s “What Happened” book launch, a blame tour she’s sued to air her grievances against Sanders, the Democratic National Committee, her own supporters, women voters, sexism, “deplorables,” Donald Trump, the Russians, former FBI Director James Comey and others who cost her the presidency.

She cited the same complaints against Sanders and his supporters in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper earlier this month, The American Mirror reports.

“It was clear I was going to be nominated by March or April. It was beyond any doubt in June. And in 08, we ran a much closer, tougher primary contest between President Obama and myself,” she said. “It was really close, and I immediately endorsed him and I went to work for him. I spent countless hours convincing my supporters, who felt equally aggrieved, that they had to support Barack Obama.”

“I didn’t get that same respect and reciprocity from Senator Sanders or from his supporters,” Clinton told Cooper. “They are still incredibly divisive.”