What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

While the House Minority Leader was participating in the town hall meeting televised on CNN Wednesday night, she suffered awkward brain freezes, stared at the audience, and waved her hands while she appeared to be struggling to speak.

While urging new gun laws in response to a madman’s massacre of country music fans in Las Vegas, Pelosi said, “Responsible gun owners from the hills of Arizona to the duck blinds of Minnesota, all over, say, ‘We’re all law-abiding, we have many guns, we have as many guns as he had, but we have,’ uh, we have, um, uh,” she said, turning to moderator Chris Cuomo, before repeatedly waving her hands, as if emphasizing words that refused to exit her mouth.

“Background checks,” she finally blurted out.

During another moment, she appeared to freeze while she was talking about the alleged Russian “hacking” of the presidential election, Pelosi said, “This isn’t a frivolous thing. Many of us who, um–” she said before pausing, staring at the audience.

“…are interested in the public knowing” about the alleged interference, she finally continued.

Another time, it seemed her mouth was operating more quickly than her brain.

While talking about her response to Puerto Rico rebuilding after the hurricane, Pelosi said, “On the money side, uh, we have a letter,” she began before taking a deep breath.

“We have a letter, uh, that we’re sending to ask, uh, we want the Co— a letter came, not from us, the board that was established, to establish, to re-establish the, uh, financial integrity,” she stumbled, just as CNN cut to the audience, showing them staring expressionless at the Minority Leader.

“Economic integrity,” she corrected herself, “of Puerto Rico. When I say integrity, success,” she said, correcting herself again.

She continued to struggle to offer her explanation.