Where is the outrage from Hillary Clinton?

What about her promise that victims have the right to be heard, or a right to be believed? Apparently her answer, by way of her deafening silence, is, to borrow a term from the movie Minions, “Meh.”

After the New York Times revealed on Friday that Harvey Weinstein allegedly had been victimizing women for over 30 years, one would think Hillary would be overcome with grief and screeching out cries for justice.

After all, during her 2016 presidential campaign, one of Hillary’s own campaign ad’s entitled “Hillary’s Message to Survivors of Sexual Assault” told us to not “let anyone silence your voice.”

“You have a right to be heard,” she claimed. You have a right to be believed. We’re with you.”

As a champion of women’s causes, you would think Hillary would have been the first one out of the gate denouncing the alleged predatory behavior of Harvey Weinstein.

And yet, still nothing but crickets coming from Chappaqua, New York.

On September 14, 2015, Kathleen Willey gave an exclusive interview to The American Mirror where she recalled a very similar lack of empathy from Hillary, after reporting her own sexual assault.

In 1993, she accused Hillary’s husband, President Bill Clinton, of sexually assaulting her.

She believed what happened for sure,” Willey told The American Mirror.

“She just chose to ignore the plight of all of his victims, thus enabling him to continue to abuse and rape women in the future,” she said.

Ms. Willey’s account of what happened to her was not met with compassion and caring, as the campaign ad would have us believe, but instead with more silence.

It also remains to be seen what Hilary will be doing with her millions in campaign contributions received from the alleged sexual predator.

Weinstein hosted a $1.5 million dinner in June 2016 for Hillary Clinton, in addition to the parties he helped host, which were lucrative opportunities for Obama and Clinton to shake down the Hollywood elites.

In 2013, Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence even went so far as to give former President Bill Clinton a GLAAD Advocate for Change award during the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

For many other Washington Democrats, the race to return Weinstein’s tainted campaign contributions is on.

The UK Daily Mail reports Ten senators said they would hand cash given to them by Harvey Weinstein to charity after his alleged sexual harassment came to light. Elizabeth Warren, Patrick Leahy and Christine Gillbrand are among those wiping their collective hands of the funds received by one of the party’s most significant donors and fundraisers.