House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is so concerned about the well-being of illegal immigrants, she’s apparently willing to shut down the federal government to protect them.

The Washington Post reports:

Some House Democrats are raising the specter of withholding support for must-pass spending legislation later this year in response to President Trump’s hard-line immigration proposals — meaning the fate of roughly 690,000 younger undocumented immigrants could become a major factor in negotiations to keep the government open after December.

“What the White House put forward is a complete non-starter,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in an interview, blaming Trump’s senior policy aides for advancing “un-American” ideas on how to deal with immigration.

“There’s nothing in it to negotiate because it does not have shared values of who we are as Americans,” she told the paper.

Fiscal Times columnist Liz Peek told Fox Business that Trump has offered a number of proposals to cut down on illegal immigration.

Peek praised E-verify.

“Make it mandatory, make it harder for people not in the country legally to work,” she said of Trump’s proposal that Pelosi apparently opposes.

Host David Asman noted Pelosi is considering a number of ways to undercut Trump’s plan, including a government shutdown.