President Trump didn’t mince words about the state of America’s inner cities during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday, when he discussed places like Chicago, “where things are just out of control.”

“When you look at the Obama years. Chicago. One city, his adopted hometown, 3,900 people were murdered in the last six years of Obama’s presidency 18,000 shootings. I don’t think he mentioned it but three or four times,” Hannity told Trump.

“And disproportionately, his economic policies hurt black Americans, Hispanic Americans more. How will your policies help minorities that are still struggling?”

“First of all, minorities want police protection more than anybody. They need it more than anybody. What’s going on is crazy,” Trump said. “You look at some of these inner cities where it’s just out of control. And remember I was saying things like … ‘What have you got to lose. We will fix it. We’re going to fix it.’ But one of the things we’re doing very strongly now is the inner cities.

“Now Chicago is out of control. I don’t know what they’re doing in Chicago to have this many shootings and this many killings and all of the different things that are going on,” Trump said. “This is not like it is the United States of America.”

Trump placed the blame squarely on the city’s Democratic leaders.

“And pure and simple, that’s bad management. That’s bad politics. It’s incredible,” he said. “And then you talk to them, ‘Why aren’t you doing something?’ and they don’t want to talk to you about it.

“It’s really insulting to our nation … there shouldn’t be murders like this,” Trump continued. “You know, we have incredible police in this country.

“They could stop it if they were allowed to do their jobs,” he said to a roaring applause.

Trump elaborated.

“Sean, in many cases, it’s police are not allowed to do their job. They have to be politically correct,” he said. “We’re talking lives of wonderful people and they have to be allowed to do their job and you will see it stop.”

Trump discussed a conversation he had with a police escort while visiting the city who told the president officers could stop the violence in the city with increased freedoms to take out criminals.

“And they want to do their job, that’s the incredible thing,” Trump said. “We did it on the border. The border was like a sieve, now it’s down 78 percent.

“And that’s without the wall. Wait until you see what happens when we build the wall.”

The president pointed to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s policies to crack down on crime in New York City as a prime example of what can be accomplished when police are given more leeway.

He also chastised Democrats for failing to help their constituents, who have continued to re-elect them over the last century.

“You look at what’s happened in our inner cities. It’s horrible what’s going on in terms of the death,” he said. “Don’t forget, the Democrats have ruled the inner cities for 100 years, this is their rule.”