U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters continues to escalate her attacks against President Trump, urging followers to “fight back” and “impeach 45,” most recently at a Democratic cook off in South Carolina.

Waters appeared before South Carolina’s Orangeburg County Democrats for the group’s 19th annual cook off, where Waters’ “hyper-aggressive” attacks on Trump whipped the crowd of roughly 1,000 into a tizzy, the Post and Courier reports.

Waters waded into the controversy surrounding a Gold Star widow who claimed Trump disrespected the family during a condolence call last week, which Trump has denied, and alleged Gen. John Kelly dishonored himself by defending the president.

“We’re demanding an apology,” Waters told the crowd. “General Kelly had a great reputation before he went to the White House. Everybody who goes there gets contaminated. And so he stood up for the president, he lied for the president, and he now doesn’t have the credibility that a four-star general should have.”

She then framed the current political climate as “us versus them,” and vowed to “impeach 45,” referring to Trump, the 45th president.

“We’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices in the history of this country, you all know that,” she said. “We’ve had to fight for everything we have.

“And you think we’re going to stand back and let something like 45 take it away from us? I say no. I say impeach 45. Impeach 45. Impeach 45. Impeach 45,” Waters chanted. “Forty-five, this message goes out from Orangeburg as it goes out from so many places in this country. We did not ask for a fight with you. We did not ask you to be president. We don’t know how you made it. But now that you’re there and you don’t understand that you don’t belong there, and we don’t intend for you to stay there, the fight is on.”

Waters also took personal potshots at the president, of course.

From the Post and Courier:

Egged on by an eager crowd, Waters characterized Trump as “the most despicable, dishonorable human being this country’s ever seen.”

“We don’t back down,” she preached to a chorus of “amens.” “We don’t walk away. We don’t give up. We’re not intimated. They may have the numbers, but guess what? We’re reclaiming our time.”

The 79-year-old politician’s remarks at the cook-off continue Waters’ months-long campaign to impeach President Trump over unproven allegations his campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2017 election, a crusade that’s apparently continued despite recent evidence Democrats paid for Russian intelligence on Trump last year.

In a speech to “homeless LGBTQ youth” at New York City’s Ali Forney Center earlier this month, Waters vowed to “take Trump out,” The American Mirror reported.

“I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight,” Waters said.

The career politician offered no apologies for her comments when confronted by CNN this week.

“Everybody knows that I’m on the front lines not talking about any physical harm to anybody, but I am talking about impeachment and I’m not going to stop,” Waters said.

Two days after her comments in New York City, Waters took the stage in front of Los Angeles City Hall for the “non political” Los Angeles AIDS walk, which she also turned into a platform to push her agenda.

She congratulated APLA Health for meeting online fundraising goals and briefly outlined the progress made to control the AIDS epidemic, then quickly pivoted to Trump and Republicans in Congress.

“We face unprecedented challenges today in our struggle against HIV and AIDS and I want you to know those people in Congress on the opposite side of the aisle from me control every branch of our federal government,” Waters said. “And we have, unfortunately, an unstable, erratic person in the White House.”

“We don’t know what this president will do, or say, or tweet from one day to the next. Don’t forget, this is not a political event, but I’m heading toward impeachment,” Waters said with a snicker.

Those comments followed a similar speech during a eulogy for comedian Dick Gregory last month.

In September, the California congresswoman turned the eulogy into a tirade against Trump, whom she repeatedly referred to as a “dishonorable human being,” The American Mirror reported.

Instead of remembering her “friend,” Waters declared she’s “going to sanitize the White House,” and rid the country of “this dishonorable human being who has the alt-right, and the KKK and everybody else inside his Cabinet!”

“When I get through with Donald Trump, he’s going to wish he had been impeached!” Waters yelled, pointing at the crowd.