House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can’t come up with anything nice to say about President Trump.

Pelosi appeared with comedian James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, for “Politics at the Pub” Tuesday, when the two discussed the “Trump Russia investigation” and Republican leaders over Scotch eggs, fish and chips, and a couple of cold ones.

Corden sipped on a British brew, while Pelosi kicked back an ice cold root beer, as the late night host probed Pelosi’s thoughts about the current state of politics.

The comedian first questioned Pelosi over the “Russia investigation,” which she quickly reframed as the “Trump-Russia investigation.”

“Is there stuff that you know about it that you can’t tell me, that if you did tell me would blow my mind?” Corden asked.

“Well, I can’t confirm or deny even that,” Pelosi said.

Corden also questioned whether Pelosi, a 77-year-old career politician from California, believes the current partisanship in America is the worst it’s ever been. Pelosi said “there has been division over time, but I think the communication in real time has exacerbated the manifestation of it.”

“In other words, people are more aware of the divisions,” she said.

Pelosi later alleged Trump built his political success on lies, and said the president continued in his first comments to legislative leaders by proclaiming he won the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally.

“I do see his point though, because I tell people that my show is better than (Jimmy) Kimmel’s,” Corden said. “I have been guilty of that myself.”

After a quick game of darts, the two turned back to politics, and Corden challenged Pelosi to say something nice about several prominent Republicans.

“Say one nice thing about Paul Ryan,” Corden said, holding up a picture of the Speaker of the House.

After some awkward silence, Pelosi acknowledged that Ryan is “a gentleman.”

Corden followed up with Ted Cruz.

“Memorized the Constitution,” Pelosi said. “That’s a good thing.”

“It’s a good thing, it’s not a nice thing about him,” Corden persisted.

“Ok, Ted Cruz, good father,” Pelosi replied.

“Ok, time for the big dog,” Corden said, pulling out a picture of Trump. “Is there one nice thing you can say about Donald Trump?”

“Flag pin,” Pelosi said, pointing to the pin on Trump’s lapel.

“I don’t know that that counts,” Corden said, “That’s not about Donald Trump, he probably didn’t even put that on himself.

“Is there one nice thing you can say about Donald Trump?” he repeated.

Several seconds later, Pelosi replied: “I hope so. I hope I can.”

“But not today?” Corden said.

“President,” Pelosi said after another long pause. “He’s president.”

“You can’t think of one nice thing to say about him?” Corden prodded.

“He’s nice to me,” Pelosi said.

“Is he? Is he respectful?” Corden said.

“Yeah, respectful,” Pelosi said.