Another California post office was busted flying its American flag upside-down this week, though the Postal Service insists it’s not a political statement.

“It was just a mistake, probably an error by the person who raised the flag in the morning,” spokesman Augustine Ruiz told the East Bay Times. “No one would have done something like this intentionally.”

Folks who snapped pictures of the flag in distress mode on Monday and posted to Facebook weren’t so sure. Most seemed to think the move was intentional.

The flag was flying upside-down well into the afternoon, but came down by the end of the day, according to the news site.

“Seems obviously appropriate for the times we’re living in,” one person posted to Facebook. “After all it’s a distress signal …”

“A mistake is delivering someone’s mail to the wrong mail box,” another wrote. “It reflects on the city and is embarrassing.”

Another commenter wrote, “I wish people would put as much effort into helping veterans as they do complaining about the flag.”

The Times points out that the U.S. flag code states the American flag should only fly upside down during “dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property,” though it’s often used as a political statement by disrespectful “activists.”

“The Martinez post office has had more than its share of public complaints in the past few years related to delivery, counter staffing and other issues, but Ruiz dismissed the idea that an employee would use Old Glory to show his or her displeasure with their job environment,” according to the news site.

Regardless, the incident in Martinez is only the most recent flag flap in California this year.

Folks in Pleasanton called the police when they noticed the inverted Old Glory at the post office there in June. Like in Martinez, officials blamed it on a mistake, probably made by the custodian who put it up in the morning. They fixed the flag after several hours, the Times reported.

Officials at the Blach Intermediate School in Los Altos also pleaded ignorance when passing motorists snapped pictures posted to social media of the upside down flag flying in front of the school in early October, according to Fox News’ Todd Starnes.

“I truly believe that what they are teaching in our schools is that it is okay to disrespect our flag,” one reader told Starnes.

Principal Bhavna Narula blamed the ordeal on a staff member and alleged she didn’t notice until a local resident complained.  A local told Starnes the flag remained upside-down nearly the entire school day, though Narula alleged she “immediately corrected the mistake.”