As the media focus has shifted to the alleged sexual harassers in the Democratic ranks, questions are not going away about Nancy Pelosi’s continued bizarre behavior.

The House Minority Leader held her weekly press conference, and while the media focused on her call for accused serial harasser John Conyers, they overlooked her frequent flubbed words, brain freezes, and face spasm that occurred seconds into the appearance.

Pelosi began the appearance by walking past a giant sign labeled “GOP tax scam.”

As she got to the podium, she looked over her left shoulder for the visual, before realizing she had just walked past it.

“There it is: the GOP tax scam,” she said, her face twitching.

Seconds later, she called it the “G-O-T” tax scam, before correcting herself.

Pelosi misread the sign, saying, “the ACA reform, reform, uh, uh, repeal. Sneaky ACA repeal.”

She repeated herself several times.

She called the tax cut an “attack on the middle class, on Americas jobs— Americans’ jobs.”

Pelosi slurred “veterans,” saying “ever-veterans.”

After trailing off while talking about an “increase,” she said, “So it’s not just a crea— increase.”

While demanding federal funding for her own priorities, Pelosi mistakenly said “wildfail,” before correcting herself to say “wildfire.”

She claimed legislation to protect illegal aliens has “bri-partisan” support.

Pelosi asserted “82 millial” middle class families won’t benefit from the plan, before correcting her speech and saying “million.”

All of this came as she denounced Rep. John Conyers behavior and called for his resignation.

After suffering two brain freezes, she made an ironic statement: “How can you judge— judgement be respected if you don’t even know what you’re talking about?”

That’s what many Americans must be wondering about Nancy Pelosi these days.