Congresswoman Maxine Waters is desperate to “Impeach 45,” and she’s pleading with teenagers to follow her example and push her political agenda in church, and everywhere else.

Waters led a chant of “Impeach 45” – her rally cry to unseat President Trump – at The Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles last weekend, before urging the mostly teenage female crowd to take on her cause and repeat her mantra everywhere they go.

“Impeach 45! That’s right,” Waters said. “Let’s sing that song all over this country wherever we are. Let’s talk about it in the workplace, let’s talk about it in our churches, let’s talk about it with organized labor, let’s get people coming to the forefront.”

Waters, 79, apparently believes that a mob of young girls, many not old enough to vote, chanting “Impeach 45!” will convince Republican lawmakers to reverse course on a plan to lower taxes for Americans, and to remove a president from their own party.

“They have just passed this terrible tax reform bill, and maybe some of the people on the opposite side of the aisle will now have the guts to stand up to him,” Waters said. “I’m going to say it every day in every way, Impeach 45!”

Waters has been on a warpath to impeach President Trump since before he was sworn into office, using every opportunity to highlight her “Impeach 45!” campaign, including at Democratic ralliesspeeches to LGBTQ youthAIDS fundraiserseulogiesawards ceremonies, and other events.

In a recent interview with “Manmade Media” at the International LGBTQ Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., Waters alleged Congress can impeach the president at any time with or without evidence he committed a crime and volunteered to lead the process, The American Mirror reported.

“I have a great sense of it. I went through the impeachment of Clinton. I served on the Judiciary Committee and I know very well that the Congress of the United States can define what is impeachment and why they want to do it,” Waters said.

“It’s not that there’s any one criminal law or certain criminal laws that have to be in place in order to do impeachment. It’s all defined when the Congress of the United States feels you’ve been dishonorable, that you’ve been harmful in some way, that you’re not good for the country, they can impeach you,” she said. “So I believe that he is someone who needs to be impeached.”

Waters has previously said Trump deserves to be removed from office because he’s “the most despicable, dishonorable human being this country’s ever seen” – an ironic statement considering her high praise for Michigan Rep. John Conyers, whom she described as a man with “impeccable integrity” just weeks before he resigned from Congress amid a barrage of sexual harassment allegations.

So far, Waters’ calls for her colleagues in Congress to impeach Trump have fallen on deaf ears. Lawmakers voted 364-58 against a resolution to consider the move this week, Fox News reports.

Waters told Manmade Media many politicians aren’t on board because it’s “a big idea” that many of them “don’t even understand actually what it all means.”

She also alleges Republican lawmakers are resistant to impeachment because they’re “intimidated” by the president.

“Many of them don’t know whether or not he’s going to come into their districts – and they have districts that voted for him and he will turn out the vote against them,” Waters said.