Minutes after Democrats voted on a replacement for disgraced Michigan. Rep. John Conyers on the House Judiciary Committee, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi couldn’t remember how the vote went.

At a press conference Wednesday, a reporter asked Pelosi a simple question after Democrats emerged from the vote: “Has the Democratic Caucus decided who is going to replace Congressman Conyers as the ranking member on the Judiciary?”

“Excuse me, what did you say?” Pelosi shot back as about 10 other congresswomen huddled around the podium explained the question to the 77-year-old lawmaker.

“The judiciary,” several said.

“We just …?” a confused Pelosi stammered.

“We just voted,” another said.

“Oh, oh, it was uh, we had …,” Pelosi said, raising her hands awkwardly with a blank stare into to the room of reporters.

An aide shuffled in and handed Pelosi a note, while the female lawmakers repeated: “Jerry Nadler.”

Pelosi read the paper, “oh, oh, yes, Jerry Nadler won.”

Nadler is in his 13th term representing New York’s 10th congressional district, in Manhattan. He won the spot held by Conyers for almost a quarter century in a 118 to 72 vote of the House Democratic Caucus, betting out San Francisco immigration attorney Zoe Lofgren, The Hill reports.

“We had two excellent candidates. Two fabulously excellent candidates. It was wonderful to see their presentations and their nominations,” she said, not mentioning the other finalist.

“But thank you for asking,” Pelosi told the reporter, “because I didn’t even know …”

Pelosi’s mental lapse follows a steady stream of odd behavior and loaded language in recent months.

At her weekly press conference last Thursday, Pelosi warned that the Federal Communication Commission’s vote to end so-called “net neutrality” would result in a public “explosion of such magnitude” – on the same day someone phoned in a bomb threat to the FCC in an attempt to stop the vote.

She recently described the Republican tax cut bill as an “Armageddon” that would spell the “end of the world” during a Capitol press conference, though Minority Whip Steny Hoyer quickly covered with “Nancy didn’t mean it’s the end of the world,” The American Mirror reports.

Amid calls from within the party for younger, more grounded leadership, the former House Speaker has also suffered from repeated gaffs, face spasms and brain freezes during public talks.

Pelosi initially supported Conyers, but at a press conference in late November to call for him to resign Pelosi repeatedly slurred and mispronounced simple words like “veterans” and “millions,” mistakenly referred to the “GOT tax scam,” and misread a “ACA repeal” sign as “ACA reform,” among other slips during the short meeting.

Ironically, Pelosi closed her criticisms of Conyers with a very appropriate question: “How can you judge- judgement be respected if you don’t even know that you’re talking about?”