Longtime Hillary Clinton supporter Bunny Burson is transforming the unused election night confetti from Clinton’s humiliating defeat to Donald Trump last November into something special.

The Colorado woman and her husband Charles attended Clinton’s party in New York on election night to witness the first female candidate for a major political party “shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling,” Burson told The Aspen Times.

When that didn’t happen, she came up with another idea for 200 pounds of Clinton confetti that went unused: to encase it glass snow globes with a metal placard inside that reads “And Still I Rise” – a reference to a Maya Angelou poem of the same name.

Bunny Burson made 1,000 of the special snow globes, which she’s selling at the grand opening of her “And Still I Rise” art exhibit at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village.

The globes sold locally will go to the Arts Center, while proceeds from sales elsewhere will go to Planned Parenthood, according to the news site.

“It was a natural progression when this happened, as sad as it was, to use the confetti to lift people up — including myself,” Bunny Burson said at the opening Tuesday. “It was cathartic for me to make the work, and I want young women and girls who see it to be able to do what they dream of doing and break the glass ceiling.”

According to the Aspen Times:

The show also includes three photos by Charles Burson, capturing the hope of the Clinton campaign and the bitter disappointment of its failure. In “That Dream,” he’s photographed an arrow with a “Hillary for …” graphic on it pointing toward Post-It notes left by Clinton supporters. The photo is on a wall next to “That Moment,” which captures the crestfallen faces of Clinton supporters at the election night party. Steps away, “The Glass Ceiling” is hung on a platform just above head level, which shows the literal glass ceiling of the Javits Center on election night.

The memorial to Clinton’s loss follows months of excuses from the former first lady about why she lost the 2016 election to Trump. In talk show appearances and other interviews to promote her new book “What Happened,” Clinton has aired her grievances against primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Committee, her supporters, women voters, the media, sexism, “deplorables,” Trump, the Russians, former FBI Director James Comey and the countless others who cost her the presidency, The American Mirror reported.

Regardless, Bunny made three pieces of glass for her new exhibit titled “It Will Happen,” in part because she’s “inspired” by how Clinton handled her loss.

“I think the way Hillary handled all of this loss inspired me,” she told the Aspen Times. “The way she spoke to women and young girls about how valuable they are. I feel this is empowering.”

And while Bunny described the experience of crafting her art work over the last year as “cathartic,” she acknowledged that not everyone who viewed her pieces enjoyed reliving the election.

“I’ve had people say, ‘Oh, it’s so sad,’ like they wish I hadn’t done it,” she said.