President Trump’s historic tax cuts are a gift that keeps on giving.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly announced this week that the company will award employee bonuses, donate millions to charity, and invest in improving its business with the money it will save from the president’s tax reform.

Liberals, of course, are attempting to paint the announcement as a bad thing, with some even vowing to boycott Southwest for its generosity.

“I’m proud to report we are rewarding our Employees with a $1,000 bonus with the anticipated savings from the tax reform legislation,” Kelly wrote on Twitter Tuesday, “we are contributing an additional $5 million in charitable donations, and we are making investments in our fleet and our business.”

This action was sought after other airline companies in countries like Denmark started rewarding their employees with “credit” in their share savings account. The purpose of this is to incentivize Danes to invest more in local exchanges on stocks for the companies they work for.

“We aren’t wasting any time putting the tax savings to work, and our first measure of business is to reward our Southwest employees with a $1,000 bonus, and we’ll pay that bonus on January the 8th, and I’m sure this news will be well received by our 55,000 plus Southwest family members,” Kelly said in a video that accompanied his post. “One of the most rewarding aspect of my job is to take care of our employees, so I can’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year.”

Kelly specifically cited the tax relief for fueling the company’s ambitious plans for 2018.

“As a company, tax reform has long been on our list of issues that we’ve been working to address,” he said. “This creates an opportunity for us to reward our employees, to invest in our business, to keep our costs and fares low for our customers and to take care of our communities.

“On that front, I am proud to share that we have earmarked $5 million to donate to charitable causes throughout 2018 with these tax savings, and this $5 million donation is in addition to our ongoing charitable support and partnerships with nonprofits across the country,” Kelly said. “And we’ll work with our partners to put this money to work in the communities where our employees work and live.”

Kelly said the company will invest more in its fleet and will add flights to “take our customers to new and exciting destinations,” including Hawaii.

Southwest Air joined dozens of other businesses that announced employee bonuses, wage hikes, 401k increases, increases in charitable donations and other benefits in the wake of the historic tax cuts approved by Republican lawmakers last month, The Washington Examiner reports.

Other prominent companies to announce bonuses include Aflac, BB&T, Comcast, Express Employment Professionals, U.S. Bancorp, AT&T, American Airlines, Boeing, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Wells Fargo, and others, according to Americans for Tax Reform.

Southwest’s announcement was met mostly with applause, though some folks continue to refuse acknowledge the benefits of anything inspired by President Trump.

“Oh no, you didn’t. Ugh. I loved @SouthwestAir,” Twitter user “Veteran for A Better America” wrote. “Looks like I’ll be trying some new airlines. Just couldn’t stay out of this disgusting redistribution of wealth, could you?? You will regret this decision.”

“Just to clarify … They’re giving all employees a bonus, donating money to charity and because of that, you’re boycotting them?” Josh Howell countered.

Veteran for A Better America wasn’t the only one who twisted the company’s bonuses and charity into a negative.

“Not flying southwest again,” FNW wrote. “You should stay out of politics specially when you have a president who doesn’t unite us.”

“So rich that leftists are boycotting over bonuses. LAMO!!” Kelley Ann posted.

“Probably because they don’t have a job so they won’t be getting a bonus,” Marisol Hernanez added.