The Democrats are ready to rumble — with each other.

In what could be a preview of the 2020 primary race for the Democratic nomination for president, Joe Biden talked trash when asked about Howard Dean.

Appearing on PBS News Hour, the former vice president was asked about running in 2020.

“Is age a factor? You would be 78…” the apparent agist Judy Woodruff asked Biden.

“Sure … It’s a totally legitimate factor,” he responded.

“Howard Dean said this morning that the old people need to, quote, get the hell out of the way,” she said.

“Well, tell Howard I can take him physically, okay?” Biden said.

He encouraged people to see “Darkest Hour,” a new movie about Winston Churchill, as proof that he can serve as an elderly president.

Biden isn’t the only old fogey considering another run.

Bernie Sanders would be 79 on Election Day, while Hillary Clinton would be 73.