Even if an adoring member of the unwashed masses wanted to get close to a Hollywood A-lister, they couldn’t, as elite celebrities were protected by walls, heavily-armed police and even military vehicles near the Golden Globes venue on Sunday.

Photos tweeted by Margaret Carrero show heavy security outside the Beverly Hilton.

One photo shows a massive wall, approximately 12 feet high, surrounding the venue. If that wasn’t a deterrent enough, the road was blocked by heavily armed police.

Another one of Carrero’s photos shows police in SWAT gear and what appears to be a former military vehicle standing guard in protection of the people who pretend for a living.

Celebrities, who have been critical of police and opposed to guns — not to mention highly critical of the border wall — enjoyed a “four-mile wraparound zone” of protection.

Deadline reports:

If you’re one of tonight’s nominees in a black sedan, be ready for a couple security checkpoints — if not more — as you drive to the Golden Globes today at the Beverly Hilton.

The LAPD has cleared close to a four-mile wraparound zone from Santa Monica Boulevard to the onset of the Westwood line past the Beverly Hilton in which there is zero non-event traffic.

Guests driving to the Hilton from Santa Monica were subject to trunk checks and mirror “bomb” checks underneath their vehicles. LAPD had several CBRN Hazmat and K-9 SUVs parked alongside the Hilton on the Santa Monica Boulevard side.

As for inside the hotel: Be sure you have a badge if you plan to cross the lobby. There are various internal security checkpoints inside the Hilton. While it’s common to go through a badge clearance heading to the backstage press area, hotel guests were being scanned coming off the elevator into the lobby, as well as traversing to the pool side of the hotel. The layout for the Globes is far more strategic in its security than at the Microsoft Piazza for the Emmys. All of this should open up tonight as the entire Beverly Hilton gets turned into a college party campus with guests running to various part of the hotel for the Fox, Focus, HBO, NBC Uni and WB InStyle parties.

Check out how many police were in the lobby, ready to take down an authorized entrant:

Here’s a security checkpoint, with high walls and loads of security:

Poor, oppressed celebrities had to wait a long time in their air-conditioned, gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing SUVs:


As if the walls and heavily-armed police weren’t enough, elites were protected by bomb-sniffing dogs:

Amid the calls for equality, what about pay equality for our furry four-legged friends?