David Boies, a “Democratic superlawyer” and major donor, is reportedly representing Peter Strzok, the FBI official accused of unsuccessfully conspiring with others in the agency and elsewhere to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Congress is scrutinizing Strzok’s involvement in both the FBI’s questionable investigation into classified emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecured server during her time as Secretary of State, and the agency’s investigation into unproven allegations the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials to win the election.

Text messages between Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page allegedly show top FBI officials developed an “insurance policy” to block Trump from the presidency, a plan carried out by a “secret society” of federal agents. Thousands of other text messages have also went missing.

According to Conservative Review:

While appearing on The John Batchelor Show Monday evening, John Fund of National Review claimed that Mr. Boies is representing Strzok. Fund called into question how Strzok, a lifelong government employee, could possibly afford Boies without outside help, given that the high-profile attorney apparently charges $700 per hour. …

According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton had dinner with (disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey) Weinstein and Boies at a Manhattan restaurant following her failed presidential campaign. Clinton also attended a $100,000 per plate fundraiser for her campaign at Boies’ home in Armonk, New York, Vice News has reported.

Boies has donated millions of dollars to Democratic causes. In 2012, he sent a million-dollar check to Priorities USA Action, an Obama super PAC. During the most recent presidential election campaign, he sent the maximum donation to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Nick Short, with Michelle Malkin Investigates, also posted about Fund’s comments on the show.

“Out of concern for his legal future, FBI Agent Peter Strzok hired David Boies, Esq., chairman of Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP,” Short wrote. “Do you know who else Boies previously represented? None other than Harvey Weinstein!”

On The John Batchelor Show, Fund questioned how Strzok could manage to pay for Boies’ services on a civil servant’s salary.

“Mr. Strzok is certainly acting as if he’s very worried about his legal future. He hired David Boies, who is most famous for being Al Gore’s lawyer during the Florida recount in 2000. David Boies costs $700 an hour, John. Who is paying his bills?” Fund said.

“Is Peter Strzok, civil servant, paying the bills, or is some shadowy left-wing millionaire setting up a legal defense fund for him? Inquiring minds wish to know.”