Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon fumbled over recent questions about the Democratic Party’s response to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, which will feature as many as five liberal lawmakers barking back.

CNN pointed out that aside from the official party response, delivered by Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts, other liberals delivering remarks include Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Former Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland, Virginia delegate Elizabeth Guzman, and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

“When you have that many people giving a response … is this a unified message? Do you feel like Democrats are sending a unified message when they have so many different heads delivering it?” CNN’s John Berman asked Blumenauer, one of several Democrats who is boycotting the SOTU speech.

“I think it is important to recognize that there are a variety of approaches that can and should be taken,” Blumenauer said. “Speaking, for example, to people in the Hispanic community in their own language I think is valuable. We need to start bringing the country together and part of that is reflecting the variety of points of view that ignored by this administration.”

Berman pressed for a real answer.

“In this case only one of them is giving a Spanish language response, but you’re getting different responses from the political spectrum when you’re talking about Joe Kennedy and Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters and Donna Edwards,” he said. “They’re all speaking English.”

Blumenauer relented that the party isn’t unified.

“Part of that is a reflection of the fact that there is not one single unified leader for a party that’s out of power,” he said. “Part of that is a reflection of the notion that there are a variety of perspectives that we’re in the process of working with and advancing.”

Blumenauer is among 11 lawmakers who stated they will boycott Trump’s remarks, most of which are members of the Congressional Black Caucus outraged by allegations the president described Haiti and some African nations as “shitholes,” Time reports.

Others include Waters, and congresswomen Frederica Wilson of Florida, Barbara Lee of California, Primilia Jayapal of Washington, and congressmen John Lewis of Georgia, Gregory Meeks of New York, Albio Sires of New Jersey, and Bobby Rush, Jan Schakowsky and Danny Davis, of Illinois, according to the news site.

Virtually all of those skipping the event label Trump, his polices, or his comments as racist.

Two of the boycotters, Jayapal and Lee, are attending a “State of OUR Union” event staged by “leading women activists” at the National Press Club, a stunt planners hope will “address the persistent gender inequality and ‘crisis of leadership’” plaguing America, Roll Call reports.

Jayapal, who claims Trump’s language is “outright racist,” said the goal of the State of OUR Union is to “resist this racism and put forward our own progressive vision of our beloved country.”

Trump, meanwhile, maintains he’s far from racist, and often points out that his policies are making a big impact for minorities, which currently enjoy the lowest unemployment rate in many years.

“No. I am not racist,” Trump told reporters. “I’m the least racist person you will ever interview.”