Facebook users may have missed the NRA’s latest video because Facebook hid it behind a warning message.

The 2nd Amendment group posted “Why We Stand” on Sunday.

Here’s the version posted on YouTube in September:

The message is about a veteran’s visit to liberals protesting the American flag and national anthem.

“419,400 American soldiers gave their lives to win World War 2,” Dom Raso says in the video.

He goes on to wonder what those who sacrificed their lives would think of Americans today.

“What would those men think of us today?” he asks.

“I even found myself asking a question that should send shivers of guilt down all of our spines,” he continued as the video shows U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee kneeling on the floor of the House of Representatives.

“Did they fight too hard for freedom? Did they sacrifice too much?” Raso asks.

“Did they make life in America so safe and so easy, so completely removes from difficulty and hardship that we lost our understanding that freedom is guaranteed to no one and can be lost in an instant?”

Such questions were apparently too much for Facebook, as the social media network slapped warnings on the NRA video.

On the desktop version of the video, Facebook covered it with a warning that “This video may show violence against a child or teenager.”

On the mobile version, Facebook warned the content “may be sexually suggestive or show partial nudity.”

The NRA’s video didn’t do any of those things. So was it targeted by leftists with false complaints, or did Facebook hide the video so unsuspecting Americans would scroll right past?