Maxine Waters’ Republican challenger is calling her out for taking the bulk of her campaign cash from special interests, rather than the voters she’s elected to serve.

Waters, the entrenched incumbent in California’s heavily Democratic 43rd congressional district, has spent the last year on a warpath to impeach President Trump, whom she refers to as “the most despicable, dishonest human being this country’s ever seen.”

During that time, her 2016 Republican challenger, Omar Navarro, has worked to build his following and expand his grassroots fundraising, attracting support from folks like Trump advisor Roger Stone, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, and other notable conservatives.

On Monday, Navarro took aim at Waters on Twitter, calling out the 79-year-old career politician for serving her big donors over the little people in her district.

“I raised $148,000 from Individual Donors (aka voters). @MaxineWaters only raised $110,000 from voters,” Navarro posted. “The only reason Waters has more cash than I do right now is that she got another $200,000 from special interests.

“Maxine Waters works for Special Interests, not voters.”

Navarro’s critique of campaign finance seems to hold up.

Federal Election Commission data through the end of 2017 shows Waters reported receiving a total of $315,622 in campaign contributions, with $110,426 from individuals, $204,801 from political action committees, and $395 from “other” sources.

Navarro reported taking in $154,980, with $148,118 coming from individuals, $2,700 from PACs, $2,978 from the candidate, and $1,184 from other sources.

Disbursements show Navarro spent $130,363 through the end of the year, while Waters dropped about a quarter million dollars – $248,864. She also had a $96,965 debt, FEC data shows.

Navarro seems to think that despite the spending difference, his message is getting through, and he stands a better chance of removing Waters in the 2018 election cycle.

“She spent 1 million against me. I spent 3k. Big difference this time,” Navarro tweeted. “Have you seen the people backing me this time?”

Waters, meanwhile, appears to be staking her re-election on stoking hatred against President Trump, at eulogies, AIDS benefits, LGBTQ conferences, political barbecues, awards shows, daytime talk shows, and anywhere else she speaks, The American Mirror reports.

She’s even vowed to “take out” the president.

Most recently, Waters screamed herself hoarse during a small protest at the Santa Monica pier, where she again made baseless allegations Trump colluded with Russians to steal the 2016 election from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“He cannot continue to break up this country and to divide us and to create the kind of catastrophe that he is doing!” she screamed.

“He is a dangerous man! And I want you to know that I have faith in our special counsel. He’s going to connect the dots,” she said of Robert Mueller.

“And I want you to know that this political memo that Nunes put out is nothing!” Waters sneered. “It said nothing. It’s just another lie. Don’t even think about it!”

“Stand behind our special counsel. Help him to have the strength to connect the dots. This president colluded with Russia and he’s obstructed justice!” she bellowed.

“And he’s tearing up our environment. Let’s get rid of him,” Waters yelled, seemingly losing her voice.