Can you have some respect for our flag, please, Shaun White?

The three-time gold medal Olympian celebrated his latest win by hugging supporters, and letting the American flag he was holding drag across the ground.

Oh, and he was stepping all over it in the process.

Here it is again, should NBC protest the video’s publication on Twitter:

This isn’t White’s only controversy during the Games.

USA Today reports the feminists aren’t happy, either.

But while we glorify him as an all-American athlete, consider this:

In August 2016, Lena Zawaideh, the drummer in his band Bad Things, filed an amended complaint to a civil suit in San Diego alleging White had sexually harassed her, sending “sexually explicit and graphic images” to her, text messages White later admitted to sending.

In February 2017, White requested that the San Diego Superior Court require Zawaideh to undergo a mental health evaluation, but three months later, White and Zawaideh reached an undisclosed settlement.

A reporter wanted White to discuss the situation and he sidestepped it, saying he didn’t talk to talk about “gossip.”