Add having pity for a mass murderer to the list of symptoms for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In a shocking tweet, CNN is expressing pity and apparent sympathy for the man police say killed 17 students in Parkland, Florida, and wounded more.

On Thursday night, CNN seemed to defend the killer — whom this blog won’t name — from criticism by conservatives who deemed him a “sicko” and “nuts”.

“President Trump described someone who would shoot up a school as a ‘savage sicko,'” the “news” network tweeted this evening.

What would CNN call a person who mows down dozens of defenseless teenagers?


“NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch called the Florida gunman ‘an insane monster’ — ‘nuts’ and crazy,'” CNN continued.

“This kind of language about mental health could be harmful, experts say,” the network concluded.

The tweet included a photo of President Trump’s notes from a meeting with attack survivors and their parents.