Bastion of free speech, Twitter is not.

Maxine Waters has been accusing critics of being Russian bots, and apparently @TrueJackDaniel didn’t appreciate it.

“We’re not Russian bots, you retard,” he tweeted, which he says resulted in a 7 day suspension.

“Nobody believes a crazy old lying lunatic in a bad wig.”

Daniel was forced to delete the tweet. So much for Free Speech.

Last month, Waters spread lies on the social media platform by accusing this website of being a bot.

The Disgrace of California — who faces stiff competition from Nancy Pelosi, Kalama Harris, Jerry Brown and Barbara Lee — took to Twitter to accuse this site, which has been cited by the Drudge Report, the Washington Post, Fox News and many others, of being a bot.

One Debbie Brandt tweeted a recent article from our website, highlighting Waters’s opponent, Omar Navarro, has raised more individual contributions than the multi-term California congresswoman.

Waters has raised more total funds, due to the large sums of special interest PAC money she’s raked in.

She responded, claiming it was “More smears & lies spread by #Trump supporters & bots.”

Twitter didn’t not force her to retract her lies.