As speculation grows that Nancy Pelosi will not lead House Democrats after the fall election, it’s not hard to see why her colleagues want to replace her.

While addressing reporters on Thursday, Pelosi lost her breath during several short sentences, suffered more brain freezes and could be seen staring blankly at reporters, while also frequently repeating words.

Pelosi got tongue-tied as she welcomed Conor Lamb to the House as she flubbed his name and was forced to repeat it. At the same time, she appeared to run out of breath while speaking the short sentence, having to take a deep breath to finish.

While again disparaging the tax cut passed last year, she forgot words as she said “83 of the benefits to the top 1%.”

Pelosi again ran out of breath a short time later, having to pause her statement to suck wind.

She would repeat words, and it didn’t seem like it was for effect.

“Seven in 10 will not sh— hire new employees. Seven in 10 will not hire new employees,” she repeated.

After suffering a brain freeze, she complimented herself for a speech she gave yesterday to students who refused to go to school.

“My best line they liked,” she patted herself on the back.

She completely botched an attack on her GOP colleagues.

“The Republican Congress is more interested in holding voters— um, holding votes…” she said.

Complimenting Democrats, she said they offer “real solutions like bold investments in cr— job creating infrastructure, infrastructure, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and other, uh, necessities, protecting American, Americans endangered pensions.”

A moment later, an aide handed her a piece of paper to correct a statement she made. She questioned the statement on the card, only to relent and accept the aide’s information.

Minutes later, Pelosi mysteriously went hoarse, but successfully avoided a Hillary Clinton-style coughing fit.

While scrambling for a drink of water, she looked under the podium.

“There’s no shelf here. You think I’d know that by now,” she said.

After suffering three more brain freezes and groping for words, Pelosi again paused to take a deep breath and told reporters that Democrats are committed to immigration reform.

She nearly broke out into giggles as she recalled asking a priest for a dispensation so she could eat dessert at a St. Patrick’s Day event last year.