German Chancellor Angela Merkel loves the Muslim refugees flooding into her country — but there may be one less in that category after a man charged her shouting “Allahu Akbar” this week.

Video shows Merkel exiting a building and approaching an awaiting car as a belligerent man being wrestled to the ground by security forces.

The man is reportedly an Afghan refugee. reports (translated):

It happened on Wednesday morning at the exit of the Berlin Reichstag building. After her re-election, Merkel was about to get into her limousine when the stranger ran towards her . After all that has happened in European cities in recent years, after all the assassinations and knife attacks, often accompanied by “Allahu Akbar” calls, the scene had to scare anyone who stood by or watched the scene on a video screen.

The news site reports the 23-year-old man is from Afghanistan.

But the Germans appear to be in denial about his motive.

According to media reports, his surge towards the chancellor and shouting “Allahu Akbar” was “not political.”

The man was reportedly not known to police.

When the camera panned back to Markel, she had already entered the car, apparently not interested in stopping to give the poor refugee an embrace.

Pew Forum reports Germany has let in 1.2 million asylum seekers.

Of those, 900,000, or 74 percent are Muslim.