The American Mirror was on the scene of the celebrity-riddled “March For Our Lives” anti-gun protest in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and witnessed a lot of things that, strangely, didn’t make it onto television screens around the world.

We saw a lot of things that CNN and the mainstream media neglected to show: guns, military vehicles including Humvees, and walls protecting the protesters who were viciously attacking the NRA.

Six-foot high wall-like screens surrounded the perimeter of the protest area located in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Closer to the front of the stage, Humvees and other military vehicles blocked streets. D.C. Metro police lined the parade route, some standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Just image if schools had such protection.

The march, which was billed as an effort to remember the 17 students slain at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was a merchandiser’s paradise.

American Mirror cameras captured rows of merchants hawking shirts, hats, bags, buttons and lanyards to remember the event.

“T-shirts here!” one exclaimed as attendees ran the gauntlet of trendy gun protest swag.

We asked on such seller where the money was going. He wasn’t sure and thought maybe the homeless.

And there was this classy woman, sporting a “I’d rather grab a pussy than a gun” shirt.

As she posed for photos, she clarified that she doesn’t condone sexual assault.

Oh, and her Trump-style red hat said “F*ck the NRA.”

Down the street, a man shouted uncontrollably about President Trump and his “small penis.”

According to the signs he held outside the Trump International Hotel, “Insecure, small-penised, white guys” support president’s re-election.

His other sign said the “National Small Penis Association supports Trump 2020.”

Several women stopped to give the middle finger to the building:

While the mainstream media plays the event off as “student-led,” in reality, it was a highly organized, choreographed event.

Massive amounts of security, production crews, closing Pennsylvania Avenue, all the way down to huge pallats of bottled water took a lot of planning and work.

Who organized it? Who paid for it?

It’s hard to get answers to those questions and the mainstream media certainly isn’t asking them.

Strangely, there were no signs condemning the killer, the FBI, or Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, whom many claim missed the numerous warning signs that, if caught, could have prevented the attack.