Chicago rapper Vic Mensa performed at the March for Our Lives rally over the weekend to lend his support for controlling gun owners in America, despite the fact that he doesn’t follow the laws himself.

Mensa, whose real name is Victor Kwesi Mensah, dedicated his performance at the rally to “Stephon Clark, Decynthia Clemments, and all the unarmed black men and women killed by police weapons.”

“Until all of us are free, none of us will be free,” he said.

Vic performed his “oppression-opposing” ballad “Now We Could Be Free,” which centers on corruption, government oppression, hate groups and other social justice issues. The video for the song, produced by Jay Z’s Roc Nation, transposes footage of the clash in Charlottesville with the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

A sample of the lyrics, according to Genius:

You fools, saying “all lives matter”
But it’s black lives you refuse include
Blocked from the polls, locked in the hood
Trying to stop you from voting and stop you from growing
And cops keep blowing and blowing
Keep black people rocking the cotton they don’t want you to own 

Ironically, Mensa is a gun owner, just not a very responsible one.

Last March, Mensa was pulled over for running a stop light and having tinted windows in Beverly Hills, and he told cops he had a concealed weapon and a concealed gun permit, according to TMZ.

The problem is, the loaded gun was reportedly unregistered, and his permit was for a different state.

Police arrested Mensa and charged him with carrying a concealed firearm and carrying an unregistered, loaded firearm. He agreed to a plea agreement with prosecutors that allowed him to pay a $500 fine and serve two years of probation for the carrying a concealed firearm charge in exchange for dropping the second count.

Mensa spoke out about gun control last fall, alleging gun owners who defend their Second Amendment rights are “stupid as f**k,” Hot New Hip Hop reports.

And like many at the March for Our Lives rally, Mensa villainized House Republicans and the NRA, alleging the issue boils down to a choice to outlaw certain guns or “sacrifice your family and friends to mass murder.”

“You’re not going to fight off a tyrannical government with an AR-15 or an M16, so give it up,” he said, adding that the constitutional right to bear arms doesn’t cover those guns because they did not exist when the document was crafted nearly 230 years ago.

“It’s not a constitutional right,” he said.