CNN can’t get enough of grieving victims.

The latest cringe-worthy example came Friday night, when the third-place cable news network scheduled Stevante Clark, brother of Stephon Clark.

Stevante made headlines earlier this week when he stormed the Sacramento, California city meeting and jumped on the dias, creating a scene, after his brother was shot by police earlier this month.

The only reasonable explanation for his appearance on CNN is that network executives were hoping a similar stunt would generate additional headlines.

“How’s your family holding up? Are are you holding up?” Don Lemon asked Clark.

Stevante didn’t answer, but instead rang a bell that was off camera.

After several awkward moments of silence as Clark stared at the camera, Lemon finally said, “What does that mean?”

“Next question,” Clark answered, glaring at the camera.

“Okay…um, obviously you are in grief right now,” Lemon continued.

“I am not in grief,” Clark interrupted. “We haven’t slept. We haven’t ate. The media keeps following us everywhere we go. The only person that got the message, and that was just before we came on the air, and that was the mayor,” he said, adding the city is going to build a library as he choked back tears.

Clark started to go off the rails, snarling to gather his emotions and repeatedly saying, “I am,” to someone off camera.

He said people are going to work together, saying, “What the media does is they wait till a loved one dies, they swarm that person, they put them in grief, they ruin their lives forever,” he said, leaning forward and glaring into the camera.

“Their lives are never the same,” he added.

Clark claimed he wasn’t “blaming the media, but the way you guys treat us…” before again talking to people off camera.

Lemon asked Clark to “get a word in” so “we can get something out of this interview.”

Clark called on Lemon to say his brother’s name, and as Lemon was attempting to make a point, Clark said, “Don Lemon, say his name.”

“So tell me about your brother, please,” Lemon said as Clark sat back and threw his hands into the air.

“Don Lemon, say…his…name,” Clark repeated.

“Listen, you’re in grief, I’m sorry for that,” Lemon responded as Clark again threw his hands in the air in disgust.

“You messed up on our name, you sent our driver late, that’s messed up,” Clark said before Lemon cut him off.

“Thank you brother,” Lemon said in the usually short segment.