While President Donald Trump colored with his son Barron, wife Melania and numerous children gathered Sunday for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, CNN reporter Jim Acosta apparently had more important things to do.

“Jim Acosta just yelled at Trump while he was coloring with children at the WH Easter egg roll ‘What about the DACA kids? Didn’t you kill DACA?’” The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson posted to Twitter.

“Trump responded by saying the Dems ‘really let them down,’” Johnson wrote. “Then Trump kept coloring. Press Crop groaned.”

Johnson posted a video a short time later that shows Acosta shouting questions at the president.

“Mr. President, what about the DACA kids, should they worry about what’s going to happen to them, sir?” Acosta yelled.

“Didn’t you kill DACA, sir? Didn’t you kill DACA?” he continued as the band began to drown him out.

Johnson’s tweets triggered a tit-for-tat with other reporters on Twitter, including some who complained that The Daily Caller has interrupted President Obama in the past

Twitchy reports.

“Thanks for the coverage, Benny,” Acosta wrote.

“Anytime Jim!” Johnson shot back.

“2018: The Daily Caller is very upset with the press for shouting questions at the president,” The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake posted. “2012: The Daily Caller interrupts a Rose Garden announcement by heckling the president.”

Johnson and Chuck Ross, fellow reporter at The Daily Caller, explained the obvious difference between demanding answers at a news conference and yelling questions during an Easter event for kids.

“I covered a couple of Obama-era WH easter egg rolls,” Johnson wrote. “Never once did I see the press use it as an opportunity to shout questions at the president in front of his children & wife (and dozens of other gathered children) Maybe I missed something?”

“You can pretend those were the same situation, but they weren’t,” Ross added. “a.) Obama was giving policy speech; Trump was talking to kids b.) (Daily Caller’s Neil) Munro never got called on once and never interrupted any other time; Acosta gets called on all the time and still showboats.”

Others in the media simply mocked Acosta for his latest attempt at grandstanding.

“Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta,” The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro posted.

“Ladies, find yourself a man that loves you as much as Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta,” TownHall contributor Erielle Davidson added.

James Hasson, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and contributor to The Federalist, also took a jab referencing a poem Acosta read at a White House press conference about the Statue of Liberty last fall.

“I give this Acosta performance a 3/10,” Hasson wrote. “No poem this time, Jim? Are you even trying anymore?”