Behold the power of editing.

Consider this tweet from ABC 7 on the alleged killer, Nasim Aghdam, whom police say shot up YouTube’s headquarters on Tuesday:

While light-skinned, Nasim Aghdam has jet-black hair and brown eyes.

But the very same photo tweeted by Mashable shows Aghdam with lighter skin and green eyes:

Mashable apparently altered the photo, which appears to have been deleted.

The original narrative put forth by the media was that Aghdam had targeted a boyfriend.

But that changed later in the day.

KHOU reports:

The woman who allegedly shot three people at YouTube’s headquarters in California on Tuesday, before apparently taking her own life, held a grudge against the video-sharing company, according to her family and her own social media posts.

Authorities identified the suspect who wounded a man and two women at YouTube’s campus in San Bruno as Nasim Aghdam, 39, a San Diego resident. Aghdam died of a gunshot wound that police said appears to have been self-inflicted.

Police said a motive for the attack has not been identified and no current evidence suggests Aghdam knew the victims or individuals were specifically targeted.

However, Aghdam’s father, Ismail Aghdam, said his daughter told her family just a few weeks ago that she was “angry” with YouTube because she believed it was censoring her videos and had stopped paying her for her content. Ismail Aghdam made the comments in an interview Tuesday night with the Bay Area News Group.

KHOU tweeted a different photo of Aghdam, in which she looks nothing like the picture offered by Mashable.