White people took over a “Black Women’s March” on Saturday and confronted police as they attempted to cross a bridge in an upscale part of New York state.

Billed as a “black” women’s march, it was anything but, judging by all of the white people in North Face and hipster clothing running around.

Check out the New York Post’s coverage:

Not a single black person appears in the photo.

The Post wasn’t the only news outlet to inadvertently capture the irony.

Via News 12:

News 12 reporter Darius Radzius tweeted this — again lacking a black woman:

Very few black people here, either — mostly only white camera Hoggs:

More examples, courtesy of Raina Fortini:

Protesters were blocked by police from crossing the Mario Cuomo Bridge from Tarrytown to Westchester. The only black person who could be seen near the police line was a man who appeared to be with the media:

Protesters fumed after they were blocked from crossing the bridge.

The New York Post reports:

“We couldn’t even cross that damn bridge!” organizer Vanessa Green shouted to a crowd at Nyack Memorial Park. “Gov. Cuomo should have walked with us! He should have walked with us.”

“I’m pissed,” said another participant, Valerie Mondesir, 30. “Pissed doesn’t even cover it. I’m disgusted that they wouldn’t let us on that bridge. There was no reason not to let us march.

When I think of all the things they close this bridge for, why is marching against racism not one of those things?”

According to the paper, the protesters caved to the man and drove across the bridge at 5 mph.