Maxine Waters is salivating for Donald Trump’s political head on a platter.

She gloated on Twitter Monday night after the FBI raided the office of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

“No matter what 45 says, (Rod) Rosenstein, the acting US attorney in Manhattan, and a federal judge would not have agreed to this raid on Cohen unless there was a sound reason to do so,” Waters declared. “Trump can complain all he wants. The road leads to #impeachment!”

Moments later, the Twitter tirade continued.

Waters apparently had no problem with the FBI potentially violating attorney-client privilege with the raid.

“I believe his office is a treasure trove of information,” she tweeted.

She finished her rant shortly after.

“Trump, you can’t have Cohen broker an NDA & payoff to Stormy (Daniels) to keep her from talking about your affair & then deny you knew anything about it,” Waters wrote.

“You’re lies are catching up w/ you & the con won’t work. This may be your ‘come to Jesus’ moment before impeachment,” she predicted.