Nancy Pelosi only spoke for a few minutes to reporters on Wednesday, but she still wasn’t able to avoid suffering face spasms, brain freezes and repeatedly using the wrong words.

“As we all know that the, uh, the, um, the Republicans have this tax cuts for the rich — 83% of the benefits going to the top 1%, 86 million middle class American families,” she continued, her face spasming, “will be paying, uh, more taxes in the life, of, of the bill, and, what’s important is it increases the deficit when you add in interest on the national, uh, on the uh, tax cut for the cor— corporate to over two, uh, two trillion dollars added to the deficit,” she finally said.

Pelosi had trouble speaking off the top of her head, then attempting to go back to her script.

“They want to pass this balanced budget amendment which removes— which attacks…” she said.

“All along the Republicans have fought to destroy those bedrack guarantees,” she said, meaning to say Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are “bedROCK” guarantees.

Pelosi told the media when she talks to kids, most of them say their biggest concerns are about entitlements they’ll receive in 50 years.

“I always like to have, uh, sessions with college students, high school students and the rest to hear what they think about the future,” she said.

“And when they talk about what some of their priorities are, they, they most always talk about Medicare and Soc— Medicaid and Social Security,” Pelosi claimed.

Moments later, she said, “And we’re going to defend Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. I can’t say those three names, uh, uh, those pillars, uh, en— enough,” she said.

After suffering another spasm saying “social security,” Pelosi her face contorted as she had trouble speaking.

She went on to accuse Republicans of having “us straddled with $1 trillion Trump deficit,” meaning to say “saddled.”

Earlier in her remarks, she referred to one of her colleagues as the next chairman of his committee, of course implying Democrats will take the majority in the November election.

Is this the next Speaker?