Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks it’s self-evident that racists are running rampant in America, but she has faith “black women like my dear friend Maxine Waters” will save the country.

Clinton weighed in on the “war on truth” and alleged celebration of racism as the keynote speaker at the Ida B. Wells Legacy Committee luncheon in Chicago on Thursday, where she applauded black women who are leading “hope and resilience” after the “devastating election,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

“You know, maybe I don’t need to say this because it’s pretty obvious: We are living in challenging times. We’re living through a war on truth, facts and reason, watching as racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and in the White House,” Clinton told the gathering in a video posted to YouTube.

“But despite it all, there are signs of hope and resilience. And much of that is being shaped and led by black women, like my dear friend Maxine Waters,” she said to applause.

Clinton endorsed J.B. Pritzker in the 2018 gubernatorial race against incumbent Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, along with Pritzker’s running mate, Rep. Juliana Stratton, a black woman, according to the Tribune.

The luncheon was a fundraiser for the Ida B. Wells Legacy Committee, a political fund created by Clinton supporters to promote black women candidates.

Clinton also couldn’t help but offer excuses for her humiliating loss to Trump, a common theme at virtually all public appearances since the 2016 election. Throughout Clinton’s two-year campaign to explain “What Happened” – the title of her book – she’s blamed her own supporters, the Democratic National Convention, women voters, Donald Trump, former FBI Director James Comey, misogyny, sexism, Russians, and many others for her defeat.

In Chicago, Clinton pointed to Wisconsin law that requires voters to provide a photo ID, a requirement she alleges swung the state in Trump’s favor. Trump collected Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College votes after he carried the state by 27,000 popular votes.

“The guess is, you know, at least 100,000, maybe more, people were turned away,” because of the ID requirement, Clinton alleged, insinuating enough of them would have voter for her to change the outcome.

Clinton applauded black women for voting “despite deliberate and concerted voter suppression efforts intended to make it all but impossible for people of color, students and the elderly to cast their ballot.”

Clinton’s Trump hating remarks were certainly in line with her “dear friend Maxine Waters,” the 79-year-old California Democrat who has incessantly demanded Congress “Impeach 45!”

Waters has repeatedly alleged Trump is the “worst human being” on earth and staked her re-election on stoking hatred against the president by preaching impeachment – at eulogies, AIDS benefits, LGBTQ conferences, political barbecues, award shows, daytime talk shows, and anywhere else there’s an audience, The American Mirror reports.