Just imagine if a real D.C. scandal, like, oh, I don’t know, how about Obama protecting a Hezbollah drug ring to save his Iran nuke deal, triggered a media frenzy was there was when porn star Stormy Daniels entered a New York courthouse today.

Photographers literally tripped over each other to get a shot, with several tumbling to the ground.

New York Post video shows one man sprawling on his backside:

His mother would undoubtedly be proud of what her son was forced to do to fulfill the First Amendment.

Reporters jostled as Daniels was quickly escorted toward the stairs.

That led to several tripping and falling to the ground during the melee.

Ever the defenders of the freedom of the press, photographers skillfully kept their cameras in the air, snapping photos despite being a few feet lower.

“Whoa! Whoa!” someone shouted after a crash. “Stay back! Stack back!” yelled another.

ABC News had a different angle of the chaos, capturing the moment when Daniels nearly fell, as well, attempting to navigate the crush of “journalists.”


And what would the spectacle be without CNN?

“There she is in the pink — looks like it’s pink,” Wolf Blitzer breathlessly reported.