Nancy Pelosi had a hard time speaking after a liberal heckler yelled for “a new Congress” during an anti-Trump tax protest on Tuesday.

The House Minority Leader, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and a string of other malcontents took to the podium outside the Capitol to complain about President Trump’s tax cuts last year.

Pelosi began her brief remarks by laughing oddly.

Moments later, a heckler interrupted her, demanding “a new Congress.”

That threw Pelosi, and she stumbled mightily to continue speaking.

She claimed Republicans are “mortgaging our children’s future, placing a dark cloud over, putting a dark cloud over, over, dark cloud over this capitol, over our budget.”

Pelosi accused Republicans of cutting “a hundred trillion” dollars of education, before quickly correcting herself to say “billion.”

While telling a story about Pope Benedict and St. Augustine, she got confused and said Benedict quoted Benedict, before saying Augustine.

To emphasize her point, she said Augustine made his statement “17 centuries ago,” before attempting to repeat it, only for gibberish to come out of her mouth.

Later the protester called for a “50-state strategy,” a popular theme among the far-left who want a more robust DNC.