The FBI raid on Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room is renewing aging Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hopes of impeachment, and she’s playing up reported recordings between Cohen and his client as the smoking gun.

“Trump & his backroom advisor Sean Hannity are bosom buddies – both getting advice from the ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen,” Waters posted to Twitter.

“Can’t wait for the tell-all tapes,” she wrote. “Get ready for impeachment!!”

Cohen claimed Hannity as one of his few clients during federal court proceedings this week, when his attorney pushed to protect the attorney client privilege between Cohen and the president.

“A source familiar with the matter” allegedly told CNN Cohen recorded conversations with a lawyer representing two women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump. The FBI is investigating whether Cohen’s dealings with the women violated banking or campaign finance laws. Cohen has denied any wrongdoing.

The development comes amid an investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 election and alleged collusion with the Trump campaign. Waters has staked her re-election on stoking hatred against the president with relentless calls to “Impeach 45!” that began before he took office.

Waters, 79, has repeatedly called Trump the “worst human being” on earth and staked her re-election on stoking hatred against the president – at eulogies, AIDS benefits, LGBTQ conferences, political barbecues, award shows, daytime talk shows, Marin Luther King Jr. memorials and anywhere else there’s an audience, The American Mirror reports.

Last week, she called the FBI raid on Cohen’s office a “come to Jesus moment before impeachment.”

“No matter what 45 says, #Rosenstein, the acting US attorney in Manhattan, and a federal judge would not have agreed to this raid on Cohen unless there was sound reason to do so,” the career politician posted to Twitter. “Trump can complain all he wants. The road leads to #Impeachment.”

Waters was among more than 60 Democrats in the House who voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings against the president this year, despite any evidence he did anything wrong. The measure was easily defeated by Republicans.

And while the impeachment crowd has gained momentum with the help of some major Democratic donors in recent weeks, party leaders including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly dismissed the idea.

“I think we’ve been very clear that it’s important for us to win this election so that we can meet the needs of the American people,” Pelosi said at a press conference on Thursday. “Whether or not the president should be impeached is a matter that is being dealt with in the Justice Department … whether they have the facts and the law to make a determination of how they go forward.

“We don’t have that information,” she said.