Former Vice President Joe Biden hosted his “Biden Courage Awards” in New York City this week to profess his love for the #MeToo movement, prompting folks online to point out “Creepy Joe’s” long history of groping young girls and women during public appearances.

Biden appeared at the city’s Russian Tea Room Wednesday to present the first-ever “Biden Courage Awards,” but they didn’t go to the women and children who have survived his roaming hands. Rather, Biden recognized “student heroes” who “are the leading edge in the world in terms of changing attitudes toward women,” Breitbart reports.

Biden claimed 2018 is the “moment where the consciousness of the American people has been awakened,” and said he’s excited the public is “ripping the Band-Aid off the dirty little secret that’s existed in this country for years.”

The NFL’s sponsorship of the event didn’t prevent Biden from lecturing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the need to “do a hell of a lot more than you’re doing” to support the #MeToo movement. Biden also slammed “fat, ugly men with power,” referring to disgraced Hollywood movie mogul and sexual assault suspect Harvey Weinstein.

“This is not about sex, this is about power … usually fat, ugly men with power using their power as you saw with that creep,” Biden said.

The senator from Delaware concluded his remarks by warning that “silence is complicity” and “silence is consent” for sexual assault, according to the news site.

Several folks on Twitter, apparently, took Biden’s words to heart.

It’s On Us, an organization dedicated to “changing the culture around campus sexual assault,” posted about how it was “proud to announce the 2018 Biden Courage Awards in partnership with the @bidenfoundation,” and the response was swift and brutal.

“Are you proud?” Jana Turner posted, along with a Gawker article about Biden groping the wife of Aston Carter as he was sworn in as Secretary of Defense. “I’m not sure Joe Biden thinks it means what you think it means @ItsOnUs.”

“Seriously you have Creepy Joe, my God as a parent I would never want him around my girls,” Brenda Brown posted with a YouTube video of “Creepy Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits,” a compilation video of the former vice president getting handsy with young girls and wives during swearing in ceremonies and other public events.

Jason Hudson posted a different video of similar Biden stunts titled “Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy.”

“This Joe Biden?” Hudson tweeted. “Yeah, he’s the perfect choice.”

“I’m assuming Bill Clinton wasn’t available?” Twitter user Mick Farrell joked.

Numerous others simply posted pictures of Biden putting his hands on young girls.

“You CANNOT make this crap up,” yassir sanches wrote. “My sweet Lord you people are obtuse.”

Still others mocked Its On Us for the Biden Courage Award.

“There will be a special ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for hair-sniffing above and beyond the call of duty,” Twitter user “’Damnmet! Sounds like cussing!” posted. “Also, honorable mentions for excellence in shoulder rubbing of preteen girls.”

“I guess it takes courage to be a groper these days,” Perry wrote.