Who knew there was a President “Opama”?

That was the latest bizarre flub Nancy Pelosi suffered during her press conference this week.

While appearing before reporters, the House Minority Leader — who stands in line to be the next Speaker of the House if Democrats win in November — suffered brain freezes, botched words and marred the name of the previous president.

“I guess the Republicans want to get out of town in tax— on tax week,” she said.

Speaking off the top of her head proved to be problematic.

“Now Republicans are scrambling, uh, to,” she said, turning to her notes, “to, um, as their deficit-exploding tax scam collapses in the eyes of hard-working Americans. The $2 trillion+ def— debt,” she corrected herself.

Moments later she criticized the “G-O plan — G-O-P plan.”

Seconds later, she was confused about who presents legislation in the House.

“If the pres— Speaker would bring a bill…” Pelosi said.

She suffered brain freezes as she discussed a trip she took to North Korea.

She invested a new word, combining “alleviation” and “reduction,” saying, “alleviuction.”

Pelosi told reporters one of the purposes of her trip was to talk about “M-E— M-I-As and POWs.”

The House Minority Leader wrapped up her press conference by talking about an AUMF — an Authorization for Use of Military Force.”

But she had trouble saying the acronym, twice saying “AUF,” before suffering a face spasm and finally saying “AUMF.”