Nancy Pelosi was tossed softball questions today by a group of people — many too young to even know how to throw.

Addressing a group of children, some muttering gibberish into her microphone, the House Minority Leader struggled mightily with the mic.

Pelosi was asked how she got her job, what “policy” is, and one young man quizzed her on what she’s doing against the NRA.

But as she interacted with the kids, she had trouble with technology.

After answering three questions from adult reporters, Pelosi turned her attention to the children.

Sitting with a handheld mic, she sat in a chair and it cut out.

“Turn on the mic!” someone shouted.

“Is it on?” she said, fumbling with the device.

Thinking she turned it on, she tried speaking into it — to not avail.

“He said it’s not on,” Pelosi said to an aide, again trying to get it to work.

“What about this one?” she asked the aide, grabbing a different microphone out of her hand.

“Does this work?” she asked the audience.

After uttering a few words, that one stopped working, too.

“The question is, how did I get into —,” she said, “It doesn’t work?” she asked again.

She then went for a third mic–the corded one from the lectern, before deciding if she just stood, the wireless one would work.

“Now it working. So it’s about sitting down?” she said, attempting to sit slowly, thinking she could trick the technology.

Alas, it cut out again.

Moments later, she sat again, saying, “Let’s see if it works down here,” moving about three feet.

It cut out again.

At one point, she stuck the mic in front of a toddler who could barely walk and he if he had a question. He couldn’t speak.

She stood quickly, hoping it would work again.

Talking about how she ran for Congress, she said, “That’s how I got from being a house wife to being the H—” she said, with it again malfunctioning.

The aide, holding two other microphones, ended up giving Pelosi a corded one and the event continued on.