Aging Congresswoman Maxine Waters is insisting Republicans will soon have to “prove their patriotism” when “the facts are revealed” about allegations of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians to steal the 2016 election.

Waters told MSNBC host Joy Reid the recent House Intelligence Committee report dismissing claims of collusion between Trump and Russia is worthless, and she’s relying on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in the Justice Department to fulfill her promise to “Impeach 45!”

That investigation, she claims, will eventually put Republicans in Congress on the spot.

“The House Intelligence Committee report is nothing, they did a very poor job. It’s a political report out to support Trump and to deny those who have testimony to be compelled to come before the committee and tell what they know,” Waters said. “And so they did a very poor job and it was all designed to say ‘no, no, no, there was no collusion.’

“However, I believe that Mueller is doing a fabulous job. I’m watching him and a lot of people are depending on what he’s going to report to Congress,” she continued.

“And let me just say this, I do believe that when this information is exposed – about the real connections between this president, Putin and Manafort, and Carter Page, and Michael Flynn, and all of them that we know have had some involvement with Putin and the oligarchs. When it comes out it’s going to be hard for some of those Republicans, who claim to be so patriotic, to stand with (Trump) and deny the facts,” Waters said.

“And so, the Republicans who claim to be very, very patriotic – they love this country more than anybody else, they are going to have to prove it when the facts are revealed,” she said.

Reid posted the hypothetical: If Democrats take over Congress in 2018, would they be able to court enough Republicans to vote to impeach the president?

“I believe, if the facts are unveiled – whether it’s in the next six months, before the November elections or after – that Republicans are going to be hard pressed to stand with this president and deny that he has colluded with Russia and that he’s obstructed justice,” Waters said.

“I think, even as Republicans see it now, some of them are whispering, they are embarrassed, they’re worried, they’re scared that this president is going to take them down eventually,” she said. “So I believe there is Republicans that will have to come out and agree with the facts that are going to be presented.”

The 79-year-old career politician has staked her re-election on her relentless campaign to “Impeach 45!” that began before Trump even took office. Despite zero evidence the president or his campaign worked with Russia during the 2016 election, Waters has repeatedly called to remove him from office at virtually every public appearance, from AIDS benefits to eulogies.

Waters has also seemingly clashed with Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi who have repeatedly dismissed idea of pursuing impeachment.