When the hilarious duo Diamond and Silk testified before lawmakers in Washington, D.C. last week about Facebook censoring conservative speech, Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson criticized the women for supposedly making money off of supporting President Trump.

Now, Johnson is raising money off of Diamond and Silk.

“Congressman Hank Johnson here. Friends, I need your help. I am under attack!” Johnson wrote in a recent email. “Trump Internet starts Diamond and Silk, along with their vast network of financial and media supporters, are coming out of the woodwork to destroy my reputation and defeat me at the polls.

“This comes just as early voting begins in Georgia on Monday,” Johnson wrote. “They even have the 4-million-member NRA in on the plan! What have I done to draw their wrath? I was just doing my job on the Judiciary Committee.”

The email, sent from Hank Johnson for Congress and paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Henry “Hank” Johnson, forwarded readers to a RealClearPolitics article about the exchange last week.

“As Republicans in Washington continue to blindly support Donald Trump as he does his best to destroy the progress we made under President Obama, I need your help to continue using my voice and vote to support and protect freedom of speech,” Johnson’s email read. “Please contribute HERE to help me continue to cut through the clutter and hold Trump accountable.”

At last week’s hearing, Johnson bemoaned the fact that the committee gave Diamond and Silk a platform to speak out against Facebook censoring their free speech, and repeatedly asked the duo about how their relationship with Trump allowed them to make money from the social media site.

“The point I’m trying to make is you all have been bashing Facebook and you’ve been making a ton of money, isn’t that correct?” Johnson questioned at the hearing.

Lynnette Hardaway – better known as Diamond – set the representative straight.

“No, no, no, wait a minute. Hold up,” Hardaway shot back. “We didn’t bash Facebook, what we did was brought it to the light on how Facebook has been censoring conservative voices like ourselves, for six months, 29 days, 5 hours, 43 minutes and 40 seconds, that’s what they did.”

“They wouldn’t let us monetize on Facebook, for six months, 29 days,” she said.

Rochelle “Silk” Richardson explained that YouTube also censored their speech “by demonetizing 95% of our videos for no reason at all, deeming it as hate speech …”

Johnson pointed to Diamond and Silk merchandise sold online, but Hardaway refocused the discussion on the point of the hearing – censorship of conservatives online.

“Facebook censored our free speech, and shame on the ones that don’t even see that we have been censored,” she said.

“Yet, when Black Lives Matter people come in, everyone is up in arms. Let me just say this here, if the shoe was on the other foot and Mark Zuckerberg was a conservative, and we were liberals, oh all fences and all chains would have broken loose,” Hardaway continued. “You know it and I know it. What I find appalling is these Democrats don’t want to take up for our voice because we support the president.”

“Democrats would be in the streets,” Richardson lectured Johnson. “Democrats would be in the streets right now marching and calling him all kinds of racist.”

The sisters from North Carolina are now calling Johnson out on his hypocritical fundraising email, as well.

“Hey, Y’all, just got work that Congressman Hank Johnson has an email going around where he’s trying to make money off the backs of Diamond and Silk yet he has a problem with Diamond and Silk making money,” the duo posted to Facebook.

“He claimed we attacked him,” they wrote. “The Hypocrisy is real, time to ‘Vote Him Out!’”