The Bay Area NBC affiliate ran a startling report that is sure to trigger another Nancy Pelosi face spasm.

Citing a report in the Boston Globe stating that Pelosi will run for Speaker if Democrats recapture the majority in the House this November, NBC Bay Area brought a little reality to the situation: America doesn’t like Nancy Pelosi.

“We may like Nancy Pelosi in the Bay Area, but America doesn’t,” the reporter said.

The report then listed several things the mainstream media and liberals like us to believe are more deplorable than Pelosi when in fact, they’re not.

“Things that are more popular, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll,” the report says:

  • The National Rifle Association — 37 percent.
  • Current Speaker Paul Ryan — 24 percent.
  • Donald Trump — 37 percent.

The report then revealed Pelosi is liked by a paltry 21 percent of Americans.

“Even Donald Trump,” the reporter exclaimed, “is far more liked than Nancy Pelosi.”

Cue the Pelosi face spasms and brain freezes.