Last month, the hilarious Trump-supporting duo did D.C., giving lawmakers a piece of their mind about social media companies censoring their conservative views.

Over the weekend, the black sisters from North Carolina brought down the house at the National Rifle Association’s leadership forum in Dallas, Texas, where they took attendees to church on the history of the Democratic Party and efforts currently underway to roll back their constitutional rights.

“I just want to let you all know that we’re pro-life, pro-God. We believe in one nation under God,” Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway said to a roaring applause from the crowd. “We believe that we have the right to bear arms, and we will never lift our arms up to surrender our guns to nobody.

“Our forefathers fought for that Constitution for us to have rights, and it is up to us to defend the Constitution,” she continued. “We have the right to bear arms in this country. And for those who are having a problem with it, because you know they do.

“No, we don’t need to rewrite the Constitution, you need to re-read the Constitution,” Hardaway said. “No, you don’t need to oppose the Constitution, you need to uphold the Constitution.

“And my theory is this: If you don’t like guns, don’t you buy one,” she said. “But don’t infringe on my rights to own and carry one.”

Diamond and Silk gained national attention for their unwavering support of Donald Trump during the 2016 election, and have steadily built up a large following with video blogs on social media in the months since. In April, the duo exposed how Facebook demonetized their videos and cut off other contact with their 1.5 million followers, prompting federal lawmakers to repeatedly question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the ordeal during appearances on Capitol Hill.

The two later testified about the censorship during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, where they sparred with several Democratic lawmakers, The American Mirror reports.

In Dallas, Hardaway explained why the push to control gun owners doesn’t make sense, and unloaded some facts about the Democratic Party leading the charge.

“Laws are made for law-abiding citizens, not criminals. The criminals don’t look at the laws before they commit crimes,” she said. “So don’t blame us for what a criminal do. Don’t penalize us for what a criminal do.

“And this is my own personal opinion: If people had more self-control, then we wouldn’t need no gun control,” Hardaway said.

“If the left want to talk about something, how about talking about the Democratic Party,” she continued to boos from the crowd.

“I got this,” she said, “about how they wanted to not end slavery but keep slavery. And it was the NRA that helped our ancestors to protect themselves from the Democratic Party.

“If they want to march against something, how about marching against the Democratic Party that created the KKK and the Jim Crow days.”

The duo also touched on the recent controversy surrounding Kanye West’s support for President Trump, and the backlash he’s faced from celebrities, the media and others as a result.

“You see Kanye West saying we can think for ourselves,” Hardaway said. “And Diamond and Silk, we used to say, ‘we don’t need you spoon-feeding us a narrative, we can feed ourselves.’”

It’s all part of an evolution of thinking, she said.

“I keep hearing people talk about a revolution, but the revolution started back in 2015 when Diamond and Silk told everybody you got to come off that Democratic plantation.”

“So what you’re seeing you all is evolution, where people are evolving, they’re changing their mindsets, they’re thinking about things a little different,” Hardaway said. “They don’t have to have a slave mentality anymore. They know they can walk off that Democratic plantation.”