Nancy Pelosi’s remarks before the media today were less than five minutes, but many may still have been left wondering what the heck she said.

The House Minority Leader was seen slurring words, garbling her speech and correcting herself as she had difficulty talking.

Calling for an additional $50 BILLION in new federal funding for government schools, Pelosi said, “It’s important to note, uh, that the investment that we will make in our teachers and the education of our children is the more important investment a country can make and families can make,” seemingly getting lost in her statement, “in— wanting that for their children,” she said.

Standing alongside Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Pelosi had to look at her notes to read the names of teachers union leaders with her.

“We’re all honored to be here,” she said, suddenly looking down, “to be here with the president of the National, uh, Education Association Li— Lily Eskelsen Garcia, and the head of the pa— uh, American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten.”

As so often government school defenders do, Pelosi caught herself nearly saying “teachers,” and instead saying “children.”

“And when tea— children are denied the tools they need…” she said.

“Yet instead of making smart, strong investments in our education system,” Pelosi said, “Republicans are fighting to slash— imagine this: slash teacher and school budgets,” slurring “slash.”

The would-be Speaker (if Democrats get their way) clearly didn’t read her remarks before delivering them, as she said, “…eliminating Title II— Title IIa.”

Later, she said the Democratic proposal’s intent is “raising teachers’ salaries— raging, raising teachers pay…”