Why do Democrats keep trotting Nancy Pelosi out in front of the cameras, only for her to suffer face spasms, brain freezes, and speech problems?

Thursday was particularly bad as the House Minority Leader was forced to repeatedly correct her own words; face and mouth problems regularly marred her appearance, and she had difficulty saying words.

Pelosi alleged one of the things Republicans love to do is “to suppress, suppress the vote. Very proud of the work— 15, 15 co-chairs of the committee, of the task force.”

Cameras did not capture the looks on reporters’ faces as they attempted to dissect her word vomit.

Pelosi suffered jaw and facial problems throughout her appearance.

“…and we must that this drastic step,” she said, her jaw going out of whack.

She accused Republicans of wanting to “rip away access to affordable preventive cares— care for millions of vulnerable, uh, American women.”

Pelosi suffered another one as she attempted to say “shining sea.”

“…from sea to sign— shining sea, build the fe— uh, human infrastructure, education, uh— putting things in schools like net neutral— having net neutrality,” she said.

Continuing, Pelosi said, “The list goes on, having human infrastructure, and the third point that I made first here was, uh, the, building infra— building our, and strengthening our democracy.”

Complaining about an upcoming meeting Republicans have scheduled about the Russia investigation, she said Rep. Adam Schiff would “attend the gang of mate— eight meeting…”

Pelosi roasted President Trump over canceling a scheduled meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Talking about Kim, she said, “He must be having a giggle fit, right there now in North Korea, in Pyongyang. As you probably remember — maybe not — I’m one of the few members of Congress who’s been to Pew— Pongyong, Pyongyong, the capital.”

In a backhanded compliment, she said, “talk, talk, talk is better than war, war, war,” before stopping and staring at reporters.

“But this takes preparation,” she lectured, “this takes knowledge, this takes judgement, and clearly, this takes preparation,” she said, apparently not realizing she already said that.

After struggling to say “Kim Jong-Un,” a face spasm interrupted her remarks.

Moments later, Pelosi confused even herself.

Speaking again of the intel meeting, she said, “I objected to the meeting, period. So it’s not just that it wasn’t, uh, bi-partisan, the fact that it was bi-partisan is offensive to the— not bi-partisan offensive to the American people.”

Towards the end of the appearance, Pelosi suffered a brain freeze, saying, “And now the courts are protecting the DACA, uh, uh, not all— the Dreamers are a bigger number, but the DACA, uh, uh,” she said, groping for words, “kids…” she finally said.