Mad Maxine is at it again.

The California Congresswoman — who demands the impeachment of President Trump every chance she gets — appeared on MSNBC this morning and got confused during her rant.

Wringing her hands about the apparent lack of public knowledge about the never-ending Russia investigation, Waters told Joy Reid they have to do a better job telling Americans about Trump’s alleged misdeeds.

“The way that it has unfolded, there is so much information almost on a daily basis that the average American just can’t keep up with it,” Waters said.

“You know, people go to work, they go about their lives, they may turn on television on the so-called news hour in the evening or maybe catch a little bit in the morning, but they don’t know all of the details,” she claimed.

“And they don’t know how many countries have been indicted,” she continued, “three countries involved in this already. They don’t know how many people have been indicted. They don’t know — they may know about Manafort, or they may know about Flynn, but they don’t know about Papadopoulos, they don’t know about Gates, they don’t know about the others who are entangled in this mess,” Waters asserted.

“But they should know this: They should know that something is terribly wrong — that there’s all of these connections that have been uncovered with Russia.

“They should know about now the two meetings that, uh, Junior, Trump Jr. has had with Russians and they should know that there was an attempt to create a back panel, uh, uh, a back channel rather, uh, to, uh Putin and connect our president and Putin in some ways,” she said.

“They should know the basics, but they don’t know the details. But that’s okay,” Waters comforted the voters who haven’t bought into her narrative.

“We cannot give up, we cannot allow him to destruct this investigation in the way that he’s doing. He lied about a spy being embedded in his campaign. There was no spy embedded in his campaign,” she declared.

“He’s lying about witch hunt — but you notice he says witch hunt over and over again.

“He has learned some of the Russia tactics about how you, you know, deal with getting people to believe you — you say it over and over again,” she said.

“And he has discredited the media by saying it over and over again. There’s no witch hunt, there’s no spy, but he thinks that, you know, this lesson that he’s learned, I think it is from the Russian tactics, that he’s learned this over the years, that if he says it enough, he can get people to believe it,” Wasters told Reid.