The Clintons are once again stealing the microphone from Democrats and stepping on a moment the party thought could lead to a House majority.

After participating in a combative interview about the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton has taken center stage from national Democrats as they’re now forced to talk about his flubs.

Some are now trying to distance themselves from the Clintons, with one attempting to sidestep the kerfuffle by going so far as to say he was just a kid when it happened.

Appearing on CNN’s Outfront on Monday, Rep. Eric Swalwell was asked by Erin Burnett if Clinton should have resigned over the scandal, or stayed in office.

“Erin, I was 15 years old when that happened. I was raised that when you screw up and you make a mistake, you say ‘sorry’ and if that’s not good enough for the person you’re apologizing to, you keep saying sorry until they feel comfortable and you are recognizing that you made a mistake,” Swalwell said.

After calling for new legislation to protect women in the workplace — apparently from men like Bill Clinton — Swalwell again deflected the question by citing his age.

“But the bottom line is you’re saying he should apologize, he should apologize directly to her, but you’re not weighing in on the resignation,” Burnett said.

Appearing irritated, Swalwell huffed, “Again, I was 15 — I don’t think going back backwards helps this movement,” referring to the #MeToo crowd, “especially going back into the ’90s.

“I think women deserve to be protect. Women should be protected in workplaces today and that’s the most important part of this movement,” Swalwell said.