Maybe now we know why politicians in Washington, D.C. can’t seem to get a handle on the national debt: They struggle with simple math.

During her weekly press conference today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi froze as she attempted to do a simple math problem in her head.

Pelosi suffered her usual brain freezes and face spasms.

After having trouble saying “prescription drug prices,” she confused the debt with the deficit.

“The president was going to reduce the debt, the Republicans were going to reduce the deficit, reduce the national debt,” she said.

“The Republicans are meeting on immigration,” she said moments later, calling illegal immigrants “patriotic,” continuing, “Lord knows what will come out of that — hopefully the Lord knows,” throwing her hands into the air.

“We’re been praying very hard on it.”

Then she had trouble with numbers.

Believing Democrats will be successful in the November elections, she said she’d like to “also point out the intensity factor that is out there. Democrats are maybe 15 points, something like 63 to, um,” she said trailing off and staring at reporters.

A voice off camera, either an aide or a reporter jumped in with “47.”

“47, is it?” she said in response.

Never mind it should have been 48.

“I’ve had concerns about China in three areas,” she said moments later. “Uh, the, certainly the disparate, the,” she said before pausing and staring. “Our trade deficit with China which is enormous,” she continued.

Fumbling her China analogy, she said, “We have to ride the drag— the China tiger,” before having trouble saying “shining.”

“The prac— fact is,” she said later, before getting tongue-tied trying to say “wages rising.”

“It’s about rages, uh, wages rising in our country,” Pelosi said.

Her final face spasm of the appearance came as she tried to say “consumer confidence.”

When will Democrats finally attempt to figure out what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?